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  • Tue 29 Nov 6:00PM

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Wholphin No. 14

A selection of rare and unseen short films from the humorists at McSweeney’s.

If you’re a fan of McSweeney’s, the publishing house founded by indie-lit-Kingpin Dave Eggers to produce such sublime volumes as McSweeny’s Quarterly Concern and The Believer, then their DVD magazine of rare and unseen shorts should need no introduction.

Published quarterly, each issue of Wholphin is lovingly encoded with unique and ponderable films designed to make you feel the way the McSweeney’s team felt when they learned that dolphins and whales sometimes, you know, do it. From extraordinary short films, docs, instructional videos, foreign sitcoms and other cinema hybrids, each Wholphin edition will make you feel a little bit funny inside.

We here at Speakeasy are big fans of Wholphin. We want to go to there, and we want you to come along. It’s rare to spot a Wholphin in these parts and to that end we’re throwing an exclusive launch screening of Wholphin No.14, where we’ll be putting all that cross-species weirdness up on the big screen. If you’ve never seen a Wholphin and want to share the experience with other McSweeny’s-hugging friends, this one’s for you.

Wholphin No. 14 features Will Oldham telling an eerie bedtime story, Amy Grappell’s award-winning exploration of her parents’ polyamorous past, a brave journalist’s journey into the Fukushima Evacuation Zone, a BAFTA-winning monochromatic stop-motion time travel epic, Simon Ellis’ brutally disarming morality tale, “Soft,” the most poignantly beautiful animation ever made about a cat and mouse, a Palestinian film that’s NOT about the Israeli conflict, and the first film to show what it’s like to be your own tonsils…plus more Zellner Bros than you can shake a Sasquatch placenta at! We will be showing these highlights – plus more – from Wholphin No.14.

“Like Eggers’s other periodicals, it’s a magazine/program with a distinctly ironic personality, an endlessly entertaining point of view and a rabid hunger for what’s brand new and supercool, internationally, in this least market-impacted region of moviemaking.”


“Wholphin No. 14 is here. And yes, what I’m saying is that these works of art herein are more than films that must be seen; they are chicks that must be sexed. I know that’s a weird thing to say, but my gut tells me to go with it.”

–Brent Hoff, Wholphin Editor