• Thu 19 Jul 7:00PM

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Capitol Theatre Melbourne
113 Swanston Street, Melbourne


+ A Conversation about Urban Futures

Director • Gary Hustwit

Country • USA

Year • 2011

Duration • 85 min

Language • EN/ES/DE/PT w EN subs

Urbanized is the concluding chapter in director Gary Hustwit’s documentary trilogy about design.

The first, Helvetica, concerned the alternatively revered and reviled typeface of its title. The second, Objectified, broadened its scope to examine the sometimes invisible ubiquity of design in the objects around us. Finally, Urbanized expands the horizons of the series once more to examine the design of the places 75% of people on Earth will be living in by 2050: cities.

The film invites us to think about the complexity of urban spaces and the infinity of decisions that are made in their design. It investigates problems such as the lack of potable water in the slums of Mumbai and initiatives like the rehabilitation of New York City’s High Line, introducing us to the people thinking about our cities and the ones doing something about them. From ordinary citizens with grass-roots projects to lauded architects including Oscar Niemeyer and his modernist hope for Brasília, Urbanized paints a fascinating, accessible portrait of the people and projects shaping the future of how we live.

Smart, optimistic and very good looking, Urbanized enthusiastically believes in design’s power to shape the places we live and how good design makes them, and by extension our lives, better.

The film will be followed by a conversation on urban futures. Picking up where the film leaves off, a group of esteemed architects, thinkers, planners and artists will discuss their ideas for the future of urban design in Melbourne, Australasia and beyond.

The panelists include:

+ Rob Adams, Director of City Design at the City of Melbourne

+ Gretchen Wilkins, Director of Master of Urban Design, RMIT

+ Michael Trudgeon, Deputy Director of the Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab

The panel will be moderated by Stuart Harrison, Presenter on ‘The Architects’, RRR Radio

Presented with design100 as a fundraiser for Open House Melbourne.

“Like a really good class taught by a team of enthusiastic professors, Urbanized supplies grist for many late-night arguments or solitary ruminations.”

–The New York Times

Urbanized posits that city dwellers must not only forge an innovative self-reliance, they must imagine higher forms of living.”


“Urban design is really the language of the city. When you walk down the street, everything you see has been designed.”

–Amanda Burden, NYC Dept of City Planning