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The Universe of Keith Haring

Director • Christina Clausen

Country • USA

Year • 2008

Duration • 82 min

The Universe Of Keith Haring is an intimate portrait of world-renowned artist Keith Haring.

Out of a small town in Pennsylvania, Haring moved to New York and quickly became an iconic figure in the downtown scene during the 1980s. He built his reputation as a painter, graffiti artist and designer outside the closed world of the art establishment by putting his art on the street and declaring his mantra that “Art is for everyone!” His stylized silhouettes became modern icons that revolutionized the art world and buoyed him into the world of celebrity. He counted Madonna, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol amongst his friends and became an influential gay icon who campaigned tirelessly up until he died of AIDS at age 31.

With Fab 5 Freddy, Jeffrey Deitch, Julia Gruen, Kim Hastreiter, Bill T. Jones, David LaChapelle, Hans Mayer, Samantha McEwen, Carlo McCormick, Roger Nellens, Yoko Ono, Kermit Oswald, Kenny Sharf, Bruno Schmidt, Tony Shafrazi, Drew Straub, Junior Vasquez and Gil Vasquez.

Also screening: an interview with director Christina Clausen.

“Equally a portrait of the artist and a portrait of a decade, this celebratory documentary makes the short, accelerated life of Keith Haring (1958–1990) inseparable from that short, accelerated period we know as ’80s New York. Haring arrived there, like his idol Andy Warhol, a small-town boy from Pennsylvania.

He swiftly became an art-world star, known for vibrant, optimistic cartoons and murals—often executed in subway stations, graffiti-style, and on sidewalks—and turned into something of a gay icon. Madonna performed at his birthday party, in a dress covered with his scribbles. He painted a mostly nude Grace Jones, whom we see performing here—among many other period clips—at the famed Paradise Garage.”

–The Village Voice