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The Jeff Koons Show

Director • Alison Chernick

Country • USA

Year • 2010

Duration • 65 min

Rating • M

Where was art at the end of the 20th century? And who was its true spokesman?

Former stockbroker and perpetual salesman Jeff Koons took it upon himself to be the world’s greatest living artist. In his own words, he predicted that his only parallels would be Picasso and Duchamp.

As an artist Koons turned 70,000 flowers into a giant puppy, used his sex-life as sculpture and captivated the art world with his wide mid-American smile. He placed advertisements for himself in art magazines and gave interviews referring to himself in the third person. His work has sold for astronomical prices. Is he kitsch and crass or is he brilliant?

A retrospective of Koons’ shock and dazzle career, Alison Chernick’s documentary presses luminaries such as artist Julian Schnabel, critic Jerry Saltz, editor Ingrid Sischy and curator Dan Cameron to explain the phenomenon that is this artistic juggernaut.

Also screening: A little something from his ex-wife ‘Cicciolina’!

Schmoozing and Cicciolina cupcakes in the courtyard.

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“I’m ending the 20th Century. There’s no-one else out there doing what I’m doing.”

–Jeff Koons, 1992