• Tue 18 Feb 9:30PM

Sorry, you missed this one

Adults $22+BF
Concession $18+BF

Film Starts 9.30PM


Rooftop Cinema
Level 6, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Spring Breakers

Director • Harmony Korine

Country • USA

Year • 2012

Duration • 94 min

Spring break forever!

Harmony Korine’s hypnotic, neon-drenched fairytale explores how far today’s kids will go for thrills. Four college girls fund their beach vacation with a reckless robbery. But their magical week of booze and bikinis takes a surreal and dangerous turn when they meet Alien, a rappin’ white-trash Gatsby whose American dream includes guns, Britney ballads and shorts in every colour.

Screening as part of the Speakeasy Cinema Selects series at Rooftop Cinema, every Tuesday evening through the ’13-14 season.

“Titties and big booties, yo, that’s what life is about!”

–Alien rhapsodising at a Spring Break pool party

“It’s horrid, it’s ghastly, it’s bizarrely engrossing… Spring Breakers unfolds as a fever dream”

–The Guardian

“It is about the culture of guns, the culture of cartoons and violence, video games, drugs. It is like when all those things coalesce and become almost a kind of quasi-spiritual experience.”

–Director, Harmony Korine for The Guardian