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Los Chidos

Director • Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Country • USA / Germany / Mexico

Year • 2012

Duration • 94 min

Language • Spanish with English Subtitles

A tall white gringo arrives at the Gonzales family’s tyre repair junkyard. Cue a scatalogical orgy of sadistic foul-play.

The Mars Volta-frontman makes films. Who knew?

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s fifth feature isn’t just a film. It’s a trash-cinema orgy of blood, sex, incest, scat and magic tacos. R-L has crafted an acutely depraved vision of Latino culture, one which willfully challenges the currents of misogyny and homophobia that (assumedly) offend him. It’s trash as social comment; essayist in its intent, and auterish in its vision. Variety hated it. Indiewire had some more loving things to say.

“Los Chidos is half flawless, half terrible.” –

“There is no doubt that certain scenes in Los Chidos are pretty tough to stomach. Any theater-goer should be ready to see just about every taboo displayed on screen with no punches pulled.” – LA Times

“Each shocking moment has a specific purpose and symbolic meaning within the film; it’s not just Divine eating dog shit in “Pink Flamingos” for the sake of celebrating trash, it’s a specific icon within the story that furthers its meaning. Yes, some of the symbols may be a little on the nose, but that’s not what you are going to be complaining about while it’s unfolding on screen.” -Indiewire

+ SHEBEEN’S DOING TACOS! Chipotle pulled pork with pickled red onion and crack sauce and Korean BBQ tofu and Asian ‘slaw’ tacos on the Moonshine menu for these screenings. Magic in their own way.
+ ‘Making of’ footage and a video interview with director Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

Video art in the cinema. This week we feature video LA-based filmmaker/artist Evan Mather‘s Olympic & Western: A Primer on the Typographic Order and an Argument for its Proper Usage in the Built Environment. Presented in collaboration withChannels — The Australian Video Art Festival, happening 18–21 September 2013.

“The film utilizes stereotypes and recognizable cinematic traditions and elements, but it’s almost as if Rodriguez Lopez broke them apart and put it back together again in a new, fascinating little Frankenstein’s monster of a satire.”


Los Chidos is an absurdist satire packed with enough allegory and iconography to supply a semester’s worth of graduate level study.”