• Sun 28 Mar 7:30PM

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361 Lt Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Last Hope

Director • Albert Falzon, Richard Kenvin, Monty Webber, Patrick Trefz, Jon Frank, Michele Lockwood and Andrew Kidman

Country • Australia, USA

Year • 2010

Duration • 60 min

Last Hope is a unique meeting of music and film.

Created by filmmaker Andrew Kidman (Glass Love, Litmus) and Aaron Curnow of Spunk Records, the project marries 16 short films inspired by the sea with stirring music from Spunk’s revered stable of artists. Appealing to surfers and non-surfers alike, Andrew Kidman and a selection of noted filmmakers elevate the traditional surf film into an artistic vision that dives deep in to the heart of the subculture. Combined with the quiet musical stylings of some of the best independent artists of today, Last Hope is a collage dedicated to the vast and infinite beauty of the sea.

Kidman and band The Windy Hills have been touring Last Hope throughout Australia and the US, including a sold-out sitting at the New York Surf Film Festival. They now bring their aquatic cinemascape to Speakeasy Cinema, augmenting the already mind-blowing soundtrack with a dynamic and evolving live score.

Contributing filmmakers include: Albert Falzon (Morning Of The Earth), Richard Kenvin (Hydrodynamica), Monty Webber, Patrick Trefz (Thread), Jon Frank (Litmus), Michele Lockwood (Kids) and Andrew Kidman.

Music is supplied by Smog, Sufjan Stevens, Explosions In The Sky, My Morning Jacket, Vetiver and Kidman’s own band The Windy Hills.

Screening with The Sounds of Science.


“I like the fact that there’s a bit of mystery there for non-surfers. The sea is a complete mystery. I mean, I think it’s a mystery to surfers as well; it’s still a mystery to me. Every day it throws something new at me. It’s more about emotions; if you can make your audience feel something, but they’re not sure why, then maybe it’s working.”

– Andrew Kidman