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Heavy Metal Gangs of Wadeye

Director • VBS.TV

Country • Australia

Year • 2009

Duration • 60 min

Earlier this year the staff at VICE‘s television network, VBS.TV, heard faint rumblings of a remote Aboriginal township with a heavy metal gang problem.

According to reports, Wadeye (pronounced wad-eh), population 2,232, was ruled by violent, spear-wielding gangs who’d taken names like the the Judas Priest Boys and Evil Warriors. Metal fans from way back, the VBS team dropped everything, travelled 3000km north and went to see it for themselves. Once there they befriended some of the gangs and were invited to tag along on hunting expeditions, heavy metal dance parties and Sunday Mass. Heavy Metal Gangs of Wadeye offers an unadulterated, VICE-like window into life in these Aboriginal ganglands.

After recently launching the documentary online, VBS has partnered with Speakeasy Cinema to present a very special offline screening. Entry is by gold-coin donation and proceeds will go towards helping VBS organise a heavy metal concert of epic proportions in the music-starved town of Wadeye. The cinema café and bar will be open and at Speakeasy Cinema you can eat and drink while you watch. Screening with other exclusive VBS pieces.

Watch the episode online here at