• Tue 18 Mar 9:30PM

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Concession $18+BF

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Rooftop Cinema
Level 6, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Don Jon

Director • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Country • USA

Year • 2013

Duration • 90 min

Rating • MA15+

“How do you watch all the stupid movies that you watch?” – Jon

Jon is a New Jersey bro whose cares are simple. His body. His pad. His ride. His family. His church. His boys. His girls. Most of all, his porn. But his luscious new girlfriend Barbara demands the romantic courtship she sees in movies. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s exuberant directorial debut skewers the stunted erotic roles our culture offers both men and women.

“It’s a satire, and this is a character who is very concerned with fitting in to a dominant idea of what it is to be a man… These two characters, Jon and Barbara are two people who are very concerned with fitting in to these sort of norms, and I think we all have that to a degree. We all feel compelled to fit in to what’s considered normal… Jon and Barbara are sort of pretty extreme examples of being less concerned with being unique and more concerned with fitting in” Joseph Gordon-Levitt for The Guardian

Screening as part of the Speakeasy Cinema Selects series at Rooftop Cinema, every Tuesday evening through the ’13-14 season.

“Whenever a popular young Hollywood A-lister suddenly decides to step behind the lens, it’s easy to fear the worst. Thankfully for fans of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Inception and Looper star not only has the cojones to cast himself as a iron-pumping, church-going, family-oriented ladies man in a feature comedy written by himself, but also the technical and storytelling nous to pull it off. With Don Jon Gordon-Levitt has made an adult movie about adult movies. More specifically, a film for grown ups centred around our obsession with fantasy, be it the stigmatised X-rated kind commonly found pouring from monitors in darkened apartment rooms à la Shame, as in the case of the film’s eponymous protagonist, or the sanitised multiplex kind enjoyed by his new squeeze, Barbara.”

–Little White Lies

“Don Jon might come across as an extended parody of the Guido good life à la Jersey Shore, but our hero’s sober voiceover—constantly soliloquizing about his love of porn—is only funny at first. The movie somewhat resembles a reality television show, given that most of the running time is pointedly devoted to variations on the same few scenes: Jon at the gym, in the club, doing confession at Church, eating noodles with his stock Italian family (starring Tony Danza in matching wifebeater). All this redundancy is only amplified by the dialogue, which often just recounts earlier developments with a lot of cuss words. It doesn’t take long to realize that this flick is less about porn than it is about Jon’s obsession with himself.”

–Film Comment