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Doggie-woggiez! Poochie-woochiez!


Country • USA

Year • 2012

Rating • TBC

The Holy Mountain was probably the most batshit crazy arthouse film in the game. Until it was remade using nothing but dog-related found footage.

There’s no sensible way of describing this film, as even the 1973 original itself borders on the ineffable. Financed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono and directed the cinematic reverend Alejandro Jodorowsky, The Holy Mountain was a visual and spiritual tapestry that was at once base and transcendent. Ostensibly about a Christlike figure on a mystical journey through the sacred and profane, its most enduring feature is that it looked cool as hell. Say what you will about the sacrilegious imagery, Jodorowsky knew how to frame a scene.

Forty years later, irreverent ‘video collective’ Everything Is Terrible! set themselves the challenge of combing through every op-shop VHS they could lay their hands on, isolating footage of dogs and using their considerable editing prowess to reconfigure it into a cohesive reboot of Jodorowsky’s opus. Somehow it all works. Unbelievable.

Retitled DoggieWoggiez! PoochieWoochiez!, the film is hysterical, disturbing, and trippier than the psilocybin Jodorwsky made his cast consume while making the original.

+ We did a video interview with Commodore and Ghoul from EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! …in dog-face.

+ Loads of DOGGIE extras in the pre-show program from 7pm.

+ EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! merch table selling T-shirts and DVDs.

+ We have a Jodorowsky HOLY MOUNTAIN DVD to give away to the first three people at the box office (pre-purchase check-in or door purchase) on Wednesday and again on Sunday night at the DOGGIEZ screenings – thanks to the folks at Siren Visual.

Video art in the cinema. This week we feature Brooklyn-based artist Ben Coonley‘s Valentine for Perfect Strangers (screening in both English and Russian). Presented in collaboration with Channels — The Australian Video Art Festival, happening 18–21 September 2013.

“The terrible is what makes the group’s work hilarious, but it’s this sense of everything — of downright infiniteness — that makes it more than that.”

–Tiny Mix Tapes

“Since launching in Chicago five years ago, Everything is Terrible has flooded the Internet with short clips of found footage edited for maximal mind-fuckery.”






–The Phoenix

“Doggiewoggiez! Poochiewoochiez! couldn’t be more zeitgeisty in its digital decimation and recreation of the analog. The film’s total subjugation of seemingly all the dog-themed output of an entire medium (VHS) mirrors modernity’s total digitization of cultural artifacts into MP3s, Hulu streams, and Kindle downloads.”

–Tiny Mix Tapes

“We’re constantly taking imagery from The Holy Mountain. We just love it. We thought, if it’s going to be hard, let’s make it a thousand times harder. I think there’s nothing funnier than a dog wearing sunglasses, driving a car, or riding a skateboard, and we thought, ‘Let’s stretch that out for a year of our lives.'”

–Dimitri Simakis, EIT co-founder