• Tue 28 Jan 9:00PM

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Adults $22+BF
Concession $18+BF

Film Starts 9.30PM


Rooftop Cinema
Level 6, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Broadcast News

Director • James L. Brooks

Country • USA

Year • 1987

Duration • 133 min

Rating • M

Before The Hour, Newsroom, Anchorman or even email, there was James L. Brooks’ Broadcast News.

To label this an ‘80s rom com’ would be to undersell its smarts. Holly Hunter, Albert Brooks and William Hurt play three newshounds grappling with the ethics of news making and the business of love in a changing world. The shoulder pads may be gone but it still speaks to the zeitgeist of our time.

Screening as part of the Speakeasy Cinema Selects series at Rooftop Cinema, every Tuesday evening through the ’13-14 season.

“In framing the changing relations between men and women against the backdrop of the changing newsroom, Brooks could not have known that nightly network news was having its last hurrah. In 1987, the year Broadcast News was released, 71 percent of Americans watched the nightly news. By 2009, that figure was 29 percent. But Brooks did see, presciently, the fault lines that would lead to this decline, the emergence of the soft-news infotainment that would soon obscure the hard-news culture that Broadcast News depicts (mercenaries in Angola, the contras in Nicaragua). Two decades after its release, Broadcast News is both a classic comedy and an artifact of a lost culture.”

–Carrie Rickey, Criterion Collection

“Brooks’s film is rare among American movies in that it’s both an involving romantic comedy and a trenchant satire thereof, playing off the themes and tropes of the genre while indulging in their pleasures—a tricky thing.”

–Carrie Rickey, Criterion Collection

“Broadcast News is about three people who toy with the idea of love, but are obsessed by the idea of making television.”

–Roger Ebert