• Wed 03 Oct 12:00AM

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Box Office 730pm, Doors 8PM, Film starts 845PM

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The Richmond Weekender
22 Bendigo Street, Richmond

Being Elmo

A Puppeteer's Journey

Director • Constance Marks

Country • USA

Year • 2011

Duration • 75 min

Rating • G

A behind the scenes look at an international icon with a very fuzzy reputation.

One of Television’s biggest stars is a little red puppet with a squeaky voice. Adored by children and adults alike, Elmo has carved a warm and fuzzy place in pop cultural consciousness wherever Sesame Street has been screened. Being Elmo introduces us to the man behind the monster, Kevin Clash, who was destined to be an entertainer from a young age. This unashamedly feel-good documentary traces how a puppeteer with a giant heart realised his dream and made the humble hug an irresistible thing.

Fans of Sesame Street will need no coaxing but Constance Marks’ film is much more than a puppet show. In Clash she’s found a subject who embodies that old fashioned tale of the dreamer who sets his sights on a goal and steadily makes it real.

Winner of the Special Jury Prize in Documentary at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Shorts playing with Being Elmo include Sesame Fest by Isobel Knowles and Cat Rabbit, and Circles by Gus Kemp – three fine Melbourne-based filmmakers and artists. Scroll this page for more info on these shorts.

Being Elmo screens as part of The Richmond Weekender, a unique event series happening at the former Channel 9 Television Studios every weekend throughout March. The Richmond Weekender screenings are age 18+ events.

“Of all the fur-swathed celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival this year, none holds a candle to Elmo… The squeaky-voiced muppet moved fans to tears Sunday at the world premiere.”

–Los Angeles Times

“It is impossible to come out of this documentary about Kevin Clash, the man behind Elmo, without wanting to hug someone.”

–New York Magazine

Shorts playing with BEING ELMO


created by Isobel Knowles and Cat Rabbit. Two big muppet fans singing an ode to Snuffy with some help from some furry arms. Sesame Fest was created for a Jim Henson tribute exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles, 2011. Created and Performed by Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles, Helping arms: Ivan Dixon and Callum Addis, Camera: Catherine Dwyer, Music: Isobel Knowles ‘Snuffy’, Director/Producer/Edit & Mix: Isobel Knowles (see right).

CIRCLES (music by Qua)

directed by Gus Kemp. An alien supergroup on tour hits town for a night of non-stop debauchery. A Music video for the song ‘Circles’ by Qua and so, of course, inspired by his music. Music: Qua ‘Circles’, Director: Gus Kemp, Art Director: Erin Ender, Performers: Nicholas Kallincos, David Short, Antuong Nguyen, Troy Schultz and Raquel Solier (see far right).