Sorry, you missed this one


We’re sorry, this event has been cancelled to make way for gallery installations. You may like to attend Jessie Scott’s Artist Talk at 2pm at Grey Gardens instead. It’s free!


Grey Gardens
51 Victoria Street, Fitzroy

Be Kind Rewind

Director • Michel Gondry

Country • USA

Year • 2008

Duration • 102 mins

Rating • PG

“These are custom made. Sweded.”

Screening alongside Jessie Scott’s Grey Gardens artist residency ‘Miraculous Ribbon‘, we go back to the future to screen Michel Gondry’s miraculously inventive Be Kind Rewind, about two bumbling store clerks (Jack Black and Mos Def), who re-shoot every film in their store with a budget of zero dollars and a fistful of laughs.

Miraculous Ribbon is a four-week residency where the artist has created a temporary video lending library/archiving station, dedicated to capturing the detritus of late 20th century video culture, and questioning popular definitions of “medium”. Please be kind, rewind and bring in your VHS tapes for her to archive (on loan).

Miraculous Ribbon runs at Grey Gardens Projects 2-26 September as part of Channels Festival 2015. Opening night Wed 2 Sep, 6-9pm. Jessie Scott will be in residence every Friday and Saturday for the duration of the show.


“I will shoot you. And I know robot karate!”

–Jack Black as Jerry as Robocop

“Hollywood showbiz is about the now and the new, so there is something subversive about Gondry pitching his tent in the wasteground of obsolescence behind the gleaming edifice of modernity. The whole idea of VHS movies, rows and rows of dusty old naff films, not new enough to be exciting, not old enough to be classic, is an intense comic embarrassment. This is the vast detritius that Jerry and Mike are working with: a mountain of tat that they are reconstructing as passionately as Dresden cathedral.”

–The Guardian