Grace Note

Keith Deverell is a Melbourne-based artist who works with video, sound, photography, film, found objects and installation. He works with economic visual and aural languages to create ultra slow portraits of people doing what they do. He focuses on the seemingly ordinary and mundane, drawing attention to the depth of the spaces in-between. He likes to situate his work within spaces that are directly related to the subject to see how other activities and the physically of a space add meaning and context to a work.

Keith’s recent work The Hawker’s Song exhibited at the 2010 Melbourne International Arts Festival and was then shown in Singapore as part of the exhibition ‘Video, an art, a history’, curated by The Centre Pompidou and Singapore Art Museum.

At Sugar Mountain Keith will turn his lens on Australia’s most idiosyncratic musicians by creating ultra slow, super huge portraits of their unique gestures and stage antics. He’ll blow them up, out and loud, lending a new perspective to the art of musicianship. It’s a celebration of the unknown and a deconstruction of the overblown notion of fame. Making use of the dead air on stage during band changeovers, the portraits will screen at the Forum Upstairs as well as in the window of Polyester Records in the city every evening from January 12-29.