About Speakeasy Cinema

Outside of being a place to purchase sub-optimum gin, speakeasies always embodied a certain spirit. That what you are told to do is not necessarily the right thing to do.

So much good came of that conviction. The Jazz Age, countless works of literature, a new sense of equality for women. We like to think that spirituous spirit continues in Speakeasy Cinema. We go knocking on unlikely doors for even more unlikely films. Films that are hard to find, weird or overlooked.

And just as a speakeasy is more than a place to grimly down whiskey, Speakeasy Cinema is more than just a place to see a film. This is why we have booked bands, held parties, engaged in discussions with countercultural icons, rescored films, torn apart title sequences and hunted down directors alongside our screenings.

Because ultimately, what’s a martini without an olive, or a conversation.


Design by Chase and Galley and development by Sam Morgan

Grey Gardens is a mixed-use project space in Fitzroy, Melbourne, established to house Speakeasy Cinema, which was never supposed to be just a room with a cinema screen.

The focus at Grey Gardens is fisheye: expanded and contracted in the space between a black box and a white cube. It shape-shifts between a gallery, project space, cafe & larder and a screening room. Grey Gardens is a concept store, hall of mirrors, coffee-stop and thoroughfare. We are the first and last draft and the drink that got you there.

To read more about what else goes on at Grey Gardens visit www.greygardensprojects.com


The screening room at Grey Gardens is available for hire! Please email hello@speakeasycinema.com.au with your booking enquiry, telling us a little bit about your proposed event.

Ticketing Terms and Conditions

Fees – Online bookings through Eventbrite incur a transaction fee.

Refunds – Please check your sessions, times, number and type of ticket(s) are correct prior to payment as there are no refunds on any item sold.

Exchanges – No exchanges on complementary or pre-purchased tickets for change of mind. Exchanges can only be made in the event that a screening has been cancelled, with confirmation from the Speakeasy Cinema team via hello@speakeasycinema.com.au.

Cancellations – In the event of a cancelled screening, ticket-holders will be able to swap to another session within the season. Single tickets will be replaced by tickets of equal value.

Concessions – There is no concession pricing at Speakeasy Cinema. All tickets are adult pricing, except Speakeasy Kids Cinema sessions, which are priced at a children’s rate for both kids and adults.

Program Times – Speakeasy Cinema program times and details are subject to change without notice.

Latecomers – Your ticket guarantees admission if you are seated five minutes before the session begins. Latecomers enter at staff discretion.

Classification – Check the classification for each screening. Speakeasy Cinema Kids sessions have recommended age guidelines for younger viewers.

Companion Cards – Please email hello@speakeasycinema.com.au in advance to organise ticketing with a companion card.

Access – If you require assistance with seating or have other needs, please email hello@speakeasycinema.com.au prior to the date of your screening to discuss with our staff.

Copyright – The use of cameras and other recording devices during Speakeasy Cinema sessions constitutes a breach of copyright and is strictly prohibited. Any person caught in the act of filming a session will be immediately expelled, and the pirated material will be seized. Such persons may be subject to legal action.

Eviction – Any customer creating a disturbance, or verbally or physically abusing Speakeasy Cinema staff, volunteers or patrons will be evicted from the screening venue.